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Christianity? What’s it all about? Christy Clark edition

Having a little bit of trouble with the Twitter last week, Premier Clark wades in again.


Ah yes. Hard work. Sacrifice. Reward.


Good Friday!

Happy Easter!

h/t Martyn


Christy Clark in “Say Anything”

Do di doo…what’s this? A local news outlet reports the Premier saying the following:

“You know the province has made a major contribution to this and I think we’ve really done what we can. TransLink belongs to the mayors, and only the mayors, if there are problems that need to be addressed in TransLink, can fix those, fix those problems because it’s not a provincially run organization.

Unfortunately for the Premier, on this occasion a reporter decides that, yes, it is appropriate to say whether the words coming out of the mouths of our betters is, you know, true and provides this clarification, all the more devastating in it’s economy:

In fact, TransLink was established through provincial legislation.

Bravo, Mr. Leslie.

That it’s CKNW – the former platform for The Christy Clark Show – is the cherry on top. I do believe Clark’s schtick for a loose interpretation of facts, law, and ethics is wearing thin. Here, there and everywhere.

B.C. WTF – a belated postmortem

Well then…surprise?

What the hell happened? How could a B.C. NDP that looked certain to win a majority not only lose, but lose seats? To Christy Clark?

Voter turnout was low. The kids didn’t show up. Again. The squishy middle sat this one out. No one was excited and/or scared enough to come out…for them. Whether that was because the B.C. Liberals negative campaigning disgusted swing voters into not showing up or because, as The Sixth Estate puts it, people just don’t care anymore

…I can’t say at this point.

I can say this: The simple fact is the B.C. NDP ran a terrible campaign.

Adrian Dix embraced Jack Layton’s theories on positive campaigning, but he lacks one key component Layton had at his disposal in spades.


(And how would Jack have fared under the full fire from the Big Blue Attack Machine? Even The Moustache might have withered)

Dix  is a smart guy. Very smart. But you probably wouldn’t go out of your way to have a beer with him.

The NDP played it safe. Played not to lose. And in doing so allowed the B.C. Liberals to win the” frame the narrative” contest, particularly on social media. As the great Billmon once said

While liberals sift and weigh the evidence, debate alternative points of view, and reach for that ever elusive “fairness,” the conservative machine sifts and weighs alternative propaganda points, debates the best way to manipulate public opinion, and reaches for power — first, last and always….

The B.C. Liberals lied repeatedly.

They baited NDP reps into ridiculous arguments over semantics & minutiae on the Twitter on their terms.

I tuned it out after a while and hell I’m a political junkie.

But most importantly they successfully made it a referendum on the challengers & not the incumbents. This was an acquaintance from high school’s Facebook status last night:

Cast my first Green party vote ever!! or as i like to look at as an anti Christy cabbage patch doll vote /anti Dix snake vote…worst options ever!!…pointless, but done.

The important part isn’t the bit about the Green Party. It’s why isn’t Christy the snake in this sentence. The ammunition for her snakiness is plentiful. Instead she’s the cabbage patch doll. Which is to say, ultimately harmless.

Which is not the case at all.

If there’s good news for the B.C. NDP, it’s that Christy Clark is still Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals are still the B.C. Liberals. They have not been magically transformed into competent stewards. They only got this far because our province is blessedly rich. Damage will be done, yes, but this crew will screw up again.

In the meantime, the B.C. NDP needs to fully embrace the 21st century. On energy. On transportation. On social policy.

Or others will.

High Tea for Christy Clark

As I write this, the British Columbia Liberal Party is holding a “special emergency meeting.” Officially, it’s to “plan for the week ahead” While planning for the week ahead, like taking out the recycling, is very important many also expect this is a referendum on Premier Clark’s leadership.

Quite a few members of press corps have weighed in on this on the Twitter. Keith Baldrey’s tweet here is as good as any that captures the general sentiment:

Switching leaders in an election campaign is extremely risky and only the truly desperate ponder it. So it’s a valid point. But it’s not without precedent.  See Sullivan, Sam and Rudd, Kevin

And there’s a fly in the ointment. Les Leyne, yesterday:

To recap, it’s widely assumed that a disaffected former government staffer left his job with a trove of email records, and is now doling them out to the Opposition.

We don’t know what could be contained in those emails [note specific mention of gender]. Clark’s survival as leader hinges on just how much fear is felt over them. If “Ethnic-Gate” was the worst of the bunch, then she will be fine.

Why do I think it’s not?

van Dongened!

This was the March 19th seat projection from Forum Research.

And then, you know, John van Dongen crossed the floor to the BC Conservatives today. Ouch. Not only that, but he stuck a shiv into Christy Clark’s most vunerable area: The BC Rail Scandal

At a news conference with B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins, van Dongen said he has hired a lawyer at his own expense to investigate the BC Rail legal fees arrangement, and also Premier Christy Clark’s involvement with the sale in 2002-03. He said Clark made “inconsistent” statements when she ran for the B.C. Liberal leadership about what she knew of the sale and the involvement of lobbyists.

What do you think Forum’s next seat projection will show? I’m thinking BC Cons +9 / BC Libs -9

This, my friends, is the fat lady warming up for the finale of the BC Liberal tragi-comic opera. Mark me, van Dongen won’t be the last.

In fact, there’s a real danger for the BC Conservatives…that too many BC Liberals try to climb aboard and they’ll be saddled with their baggage.

Good faith Premier Clark

BC Supreme Court Judge Sandra Griffin:

“The government consulted fully with the employers before passing the legislation, over at least a seven or eight month period,” wrote the judge. “Internal government documents indicate that at least some government officials expected that the teachers’ union would be very opposed to the legislation. The government has not offered any explanation as to why it could not also have consulted with the B.C. Teachers’ Federation about the intended legislation.”

The failure to do so was fatal to the legislation: “By passing this legislation without so much as consulting with BCTF, the government did not preserve the essential underpinning of collective bargaining, namely, good faith negotiation and consultation.

Ouch. But then, who cares? Respect for the rule of law having never been a strong suit with this bunch and the judgment of the Supreme Court of this province won’t raise eyebrows in BC Liberal HQ. Despite the thoughtful discussion about what this means for education here, personally I view that as almost beside the point. They’re at war, see, and they’re going for the jugular. It’s not about education. It’s not about the economics of education. It’s pure power play…unions are amongst the last effective checks on corporate power, and thus they must be destroyed. And the BCTF is one of the most effective unions.

Premier Clark – being viewed as a mushy Liberal by some – will need to demonstrate her bonafides methinks with a full frontal assault. Wisconsin, here we come…