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A light goes out

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Camille, a set on Flickr.

Our niece Camille Gregory: A truly remarkable young woman who made a huge mark on this world.

Outstanding academic & athlete. Beautiful & kind. Mature & thoughtful – she epitomized the best a human being could be. A true shining light.

Daughter to Nick and Julie. Sister to Tony. Partner to Neil.

Beloved granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend.

Passed peacefully on September 17, 2012 from cancer.


Random revelations: The full-court press v. Omar Khadr Pt. 1

Happy Sunster Ezra Levant et al work tirelessly to defend the principle of indefinite detention without charge for alleged terrorists while simultaneously working to have environmentalists redefined as terrorists.

Scenes from an Onion patch

When exactly had all this happened? “March 3.” Here it was the 26th, more than three weeks later. Why had it taken so long for [the lost bus pass] to come out?

God bless The Onion, and its pitch-perfect ability to capture the vapidness of “elite” punditry.

Quote of the day: The chill in the air

…anyone who steps on the toes of either corporate interests or major conservative institutions (which are often more or less the same thing) has to expect to run into a buzzsaw. The purpose of that buzzsaw is not so much to get specific corrections as to intimidate — to deter the journalist and his or her colleagues from going there again.

And it works. I’ve seen it over and over: some commentator says the obvious, gets hit hard [with chill letter], and thereafter steers away from such issues and is very, very careful not to offend the hard right.

-Paul Krugman


Must read and bookmark: Tory Rap Sheet

He forgot everything he learned in school

Memo to Daniel: Provinces and the Federal government can adopt “net-zero” stances in contract negotiations. Municipalities can’t. Why? The Feds and Provinces have the ability to create back to work legislation – a required chess piece for this bargaining stratagem. Not so municipalities. One would think you’d have known this.

Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

My favourite Christopher Hitchens story is actually a George Galloway story:

“You’re a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay,” Mr Galloway in formed [Hitchens]. “Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink”

By contrast, in Canada, much hand-wringing and laudenaum passing over Justin Trudeau accurately describing Peter Kent.

The more you know, the more you grow

One of the joys of the intertubz is unexpected discovery that can come from online discussion. For example, here we have someone posting a supporting citation from “American Thinker” on climate change. If I had not clicked on that link and had not clicked on the “Home” link for American Thinker, I would not have discovered that the Harry Potter series was actually about the struggle against Islam. Thanks internet!