Deep thoughts on Postmedia and the long, slow death of print media

So over the last 24hrs there have been 3…no, wait, 4 stories that caught my eye. The first is Rogers media is overhauling it’s magazine business, which means amongst other thing that publications such as Macleans go from being weekly to monthly.

The second is that Postmedia owned 24hrs Vancouver will close it’s Vancouver office, laying off local reporters, and keep printing “without original reporting from 24 hrs reporters and editors. Instead, it will re-circulate other Postmedia content printed in local papers like The Vancouver Sun and The Province.”

Speaking of The Province, this pterodactyl scream op-ed by editorial page editor Gordon “Gordzilla” Clark, is the third item that caught my eye. Now one could spend some time dissecting the details of this column, such as the insinuation that an op-ed by the CTF’s Jordan Bateman published in his newspaper about the City of Vancouver’s plan – in an effort to address climate change – to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2050 influenced a decision by the B.C. Utilities Commission to deny an application for a “district energy system” by a financial backer of Vision Vancouver (how? why? The Commission cites concerns about a monopoly rather than the source of the power, etc). But really it’s about the big picture in all this. Which brings us to story four:

Earth is on track to sail past the two degree Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) threshold for dangerous global warming by 2050, seven of the world’s top climate scientists warned Thursday.

A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn’t done, global temperatures will likely hit dangerous warming levels in about 35 years.

Six scientists who were leaders in past international climate conferences joined with the Universal Ecological Fund in Argentina to release a brief report Thursday, saying that if even more cuts in heat-trapping gases aren’t agreed upon soon, the world will warm by another 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) by around 2050.

Now I can’t help but reflect on how this is all related. Sure, the loss of revenue from classified ads as such things moved to Craigslist has never been replaced digitally. And you can overstate the influence of editorial direction of a particular publication. But it seems clear that the strategy of The Province in particular and Postmedia in general is to staunch the bleeding by appealing to the concerns of the past rather than addressing the concerns of the future. I’m sure there are good financial reasons behind this but it strikes me as an attempt at prolonging one’s death through clickbait-ey rage inducers rather than preventing it altogether through renewal and reinvention.

But hey, in a world full of angry old white men screeds what’s one more?