The [34th] Fall of the House of Ezra

Something inexplicable has happened. Mr. Ezra “Freedom of Speech” Levant has decided to be free of my speech. On Twitter.

He’s blocked me.

Which is quite odd, as he feels seemingly so passionately about the free exchange of ideas, no matter how morally repugnant they might be.

Now the last thing I tweeted about Ezra Levant was this:

Which was a musing to myself prompted after viewing this video…

…in which Mr. Levant speculates – based on name alone – a repeat offender’s ethnicity.

“Now I didn’t see it in the newspapers, but the name Chauncey Elijah Mustard sounds aboriginal to me”

He then goes on about how the justice system “is soft” on aboriginal people all the while in the background loops video of dark-skinned people being arrested. For reference, a photo of the accused can be found at the Winnipeg Sun.

But then I’ve tweeted to Ezra for years and it hasn’t bothered him before. So why the need to shut out critics now? Now, it’s true he might be under a bit of stress these days. But he’s been through lawsuits before. Lots of lawsuits.