Compare & Contrast: Cadillac Fairview edition

Compare: Vancouver cleaners told $12.65 wage too much:

[Rai] works from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. and most of her co-workers pay for a three-zone SkyTrain pass to get to work from Surrey to clean the building for $12.65 an hour plus benefits.

But the owner of the building says Rai and her co-workers are overpaid and has decided to dump the company she works for in favour of one that will do the job cheaper. The cuts means 150 building cleaners will be out of a job…

Cadillac Fairview, owner of Waterfront and Pacific Centre where the workers clean, is going ahead with its plan to contract out the job to a cheaper outfit after years of using Servantage.

…and contrast with Cadillac Fairview’s “Social Responsiblilty” Policy:

As a leading North American real estate company, Cadillac Fairview strives to achieve excellence when it comes to operating our business in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. The spirit of our ongoing efforts to manage our business as a conscientious member of our community and to improve our performance in this regard is reflected in the high standards we have set for ourselves in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Cadillac Fairview’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy focuses on three essential areas as follows:

1) Social commitment: Our social commitment reflects Cadillac Fairview’s recognition of the importance of ensuring the health and welfare of our employees, tenants and customers as well the value of actively investing in our community and participating in philanthropic activities…


Of note, whether the other workers have longer shifts or not, the woman quoted only works 1 1/2 hours a day.

Also of note, the living wage for Metro Vancouver is $19.62/hr.

UPDATE: Cadillac Fairview is a private corporation, but according to this website it’s revenues are in the range of $500 million.

UPDATE 2: A private corporation…owned by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. Will the union leaders on the board have something to say?