High Tea for Christy Clark

As I write this, the British Columbia Liberal Party is holding a “special emergency meeting.” Officially, it’s to “plan for the week ahead” While planning for the week ahead, like taking out the recycling, is very important many also expect this is a referendum on Premier Clark’s leadership.

Quite a few members of press corps have weighed in on this on the Twitter. Keith Baldrey’s tweet here is as good as any that captures the general sentiment:

Switching leaders in an election campaign is extremely risky and only the truly desperate ponder it. So it’s a valid point. But it’s not without precedent.  See Sullivan, Sam and Rudd, Kevin

And there’s a fly in the ointment. Les Leyne, yesterday:

To recap, it’s widely assumed that a disaffected former government staffer left his job with a trove of email records, and is now doling them out to the Opposition.

We don’t know what could be contained in those emails [note specific mention of gender]. Clark’s survival as leader hinges on just how much fear is felt over them. If “Ethnic-Gate” was the worst of the bunch, then she will be fine.

Why do I think it’s not?