We are merely inputs and widgets

To support Norm Farrell’s point here

I believe the Liberal economic plan is working exactly as designed. Their big business sponsors want this province to become a low wage economy, excepting, of course, senior bureaucrats and business leaders. That is the objective and the plan is working.

I offer Exhibit A. Now Jon Ferry is a paleoconservative from the Permian Era, and is often a bit incoherent (What’s he really arguing here? Universities replaced with trade schools?). But I do think it is completely representative of the thinking of those that rule us – that the population of British Columbia sole purpose is to service the economy and not vice versa, and that we are cost to be controlled. Especially Jock Finlayson’s contribution.

Which dovetails to Norm’s point.

And this would be Exhibit B:

Résumés of workers who applied for jobs at a B.C. coal project show there were qualified Canadian applicants for positions that went to foreign employees, says a recently filed court document.


Academics and labour groups have voiced concerns about the increase of workers coming to Canada through the program over the past decade, citing the potential for downward pressure on wages as well as employee welfare concerns.

Of course that’s just fear mongering and would never really happen

In 2008, the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruled a group of Latin American workers were discriminated against when they were paid half of what workers who had been brought in from Europe were given.