Waldorf Salad

The latest little brouhaha in #vanpoli is the saga of the Waldorf Hotel, one which continues to twist and turn. So it’s probably wise to wait until the dust has settled and the, you know, full facts are out in the public domain before charting a course of action.

So Mike Klassen weighs in. He’s got some ideas on how cultural venues can flourish without taxpayers footing the bill.

The hotel’s staff is unionized, which likely removed the flexibility around pay and benefits that a small business needs to achieve profitability.

Gut wages and benefits!

Onerous building code standards have made renovating old spaces needlessly costly and cumbersome. No one can afford hundreds of thousands or even millions to bring buildings up to code.

Gut safety regulations!1

Only when business has the ability to build ramshackle venues staffed by minimum wage slaves will civic culture be unleashed.

Adios, NoFunCity! Hello, Artytropolis!

1Details, of course, pending.