The company you keep, or Blinded by The Sun

Ezra laments

Meanwhile down south NRA President Wayne Lapierre breaks radio silence to announce a bold new program to help train armed volunteers to guard schools – The NRA School Shield. And he did so in an extremely calm, rational manner that is sure to win over the populace to this counter-intuitive idea protecting our children from gun violence by injecting more guns into the equation.

My suggestion to Ezra for his next episode of The Source is to urge Mr. Lapierre to bring this program north, or at least to Ezra’s school. No need to look to Mr. Lapierre for lessons on tone. You’ve already got that down pat. Note, if you want to attract a security guard who weighs more than 140 lbs, you might have to pay them more than minimum wage. Which I know goes against deeply held conservative principles on wages and school staff, but sacrifices must be made.

This is sure to boost the Sun News Network’s stellar ratings.

Bonus Ezra:


Since the 1975 Brampton Centennial Secondary School massacre in Brampton, Ontario, Canada has had 26 deaths from school shootings, not including the death of the shooter.

According to the best figures I could gather, including the victims last Friday, the U.S. has had about 260 deaths as a result of school shootings, not including the death of the shooter.

Our population is 10% of theirs, so, since violent crimes are measured on a per capita basis, if we multiply our death toll by ten, we are no better than America, despite our tougher gun laws.

20 seconds of Googling later, we find [pg. 7] 433 violent deaths [homicide or suicide] of students b/w 1992 and 2009 and 826 for the same period when you include staff. Ah, says Jerry Agar, those violent deaths could be knives. Well, um, no. According to the Centers for Disease Control, firearms accounted for 65%* of violent deaths at schools between 1999-2006.

65% of 433 is 281. Already Jerry is in the wrong, but remember he’s starting at 1975 to measure deaths in Canada.

The average is 16 violent deaths of students at U.S. schools per year. Using that average we get [sadly] 561 student deaths. It’s not exact, but you get the idea.

Note, these are K-12 students. It doesn’t include deaths on college campuses.

Note too, the school at Columbine had an armed security guard.

In other words, this piece was written with all the quality and care one expects from Sun Media.

*That’s assuming 65% holds up over time – and the U.S. homicide rate has actually declined. For example, b/w 1994-1999 there were 164 deaths by firearms. Which was 74% of all deaths at U.S. schools for that time period.