The reptile brain

Postmedia columnist journalist Stephen Maher tweets:

To which I forwarded him the Toronto Star article from my previous post. To which he replied:

Which is correct, I see.

“I just want to emphasize that the positions in this report do not reflect the positions of the government. I will take the advice of the leader of the Liberal Party under consideration. I’m obviously very concerned with some of the recommendations made in that report and I think the committee does need some re-examination in that light.”

This is heartening, and I applaud the Prime Minister. However, this is the same Stephen Harper who stocked the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee with gun industry lobbyists and gun enthusiasts. Their recommendations are the fruit of this. So it is great that he did, apparently, vigorously reject them (and Newtown has made it politically impossible to revisit). But what was he expecting from them? When your advisory board consists of only a single point of view, you will receive advice of limited utility.

And I think it’s clear that contrary to Mr. Maher, there is a segment of Canadian society that does question the restrictions on guns we have here. And they have the ear of a significant portion of the Conservative Party of Canada. Not the clout the gun lobby has down south, but clout nonetheless.

And read the Star piece again. There are no real principles espoused for loosening restrictions other than some very vague talk on “cost” and “effectiveness” – neither of which cite supporting material.

So what are we left with? Below is an ad for the Bushmaster rifle that was used in Newtown.



As you can see, it is not an appeal to the 2nd Amendment to defend against domestic despots. Nor is it even an appeal to personal safety.

The Bushmaster marketing team is aiming directly at the reptilian brain.

Feel like you’re losing your dominance? Man up!

Man card reissued.