Greenwashing-ton: More U.S. interference in Canadian affairs

Leaving aside whether it’s fair to compare a fundraising dinner to a grant, and leaving aside whether $200,000 is indeed “the average grant” from U.S. based environmental foundations – especially since the Foundation Center reports “nearly half of family foundations (of the kind Krause like to target) reported less than $50,000 in giving in 2010“, and leaving aside whether the average size of U.S. environmental grants to Canadian based groups approaches the overall average, and leaving aside whether the Vancouver Aquarium is in some sort of fundraising difficulty…well there’s this….

In 2010 the Vancouver Aquarium’s top donor – of more than $500,000 – was the  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

That’s the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation of New York City.

Why is a U.S. based philanthropic organization funding a Canadian aquarium? Surely that’s a fair question?

Wheels within wheels, my friends…wheels within wheels…