Insulting our intelligence

This following quote on the Northern Gateway Pipeline is great, not so much for the what is said rather than the who is saying it. It’s from Jeffrey Simpson:

What’s not standing in the way are U.S. environmentalists, whom the Harper government accused of being the principal reasons for the project’s problems. This wild statement was, then as now, completely at variance with reality, since British Columbians are hardly to be led around by their collective nose by a handful of folks from south of the border. To suggest otherwise is to insult their intelligence.

Subscribe. It’s the details that don’t hold up and the rhetorical excesses that get most of the attention, at least from this observer. But in essence even if you accepted the argument at face value, this whole “foreign meddling” and “greenwashing” charge is, at its heart, simply a deep insult to the intelligences of the majority of British Columbians.

Did you really think we were that weak-minded?