Vivian Krause. New platform, same tricks

Vivian Krause may have retired from blogging, but her Twitter account remains active. To whit:

That’s a link to David Horowitz’s book, The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money-Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future. Horowitz is a bit of risky figure to attach oneself to, given he believes women are bad at math, every Palestinian is a Nazi and that his book is filled with factual and logical errors. But Krause doubles-down:

Alas, Horowitz doesn’t claim a billion dollars at “the Left’s” disposal, but is in fact backed by a near trillion-dollar treasury in America’s oldest and largest tax-exempt foundations, progressives outspend conservatives by a factor of seven to one. Oops, oh well. But note how typical this is of Krause, eliding assets with actual donations1. I suppose theoretically 14 Foundations do have a billion dollars in assets and if they decided to fold up shop and liquidate themselves en masse they could theoretically give a billion dollars to “the Left”. Which of course they would never do. In reality, the non-profit industry – whom I believe Krause is trying to narrowly restrict the debate too – contributed $17.5 million in the 2008 U.S. election. So only off by a factor of 58. It’s true that 78% went to the Democratic Party. So? People contribute to the party they feel will best represent their interests and the Democrats are ever so slightly more friendly to things non-profits consider important than the far-right circus the Republicans have become. Is this supposed to be shocking news?

But $13.6 million just doesn’t sound that scary, dammit, so better add up all the money these Foundations have including presumably the paper value of their office supplies and go with a billion dollars. Of course it would be equally fair of me to add up all the assets of conservative philanthropists Charles and David Koch down to the last paperclip and say these are assets available to conservatives. According to Forbes Magazine that would be $50 billion.

Horowitz claims, approvingly cited by Krause, that “the Right” have zero foundations on their side. Which is nonsense. 8 of the top 10 spending SuperPacs, 501c and 527 organizations identify as conservative, spending  [so far] $139.3m v. $38.9m for liberals in the 2012 election cycle.

And so far the Republicans have raised $435 million vs the Democrats $327 million. So much for progressives outspending conservatives by a factor of seven to one.

However, Horowitz’s book did get a very nice review from at least one reader:

“[A] deeply informed exposé of the powerful, very wealthy network of liberal foundations… read this and be afraid.

—Karl Rove

1 Which is a step up, I suppose, from conflating general expenses with payroll.



  1. spartikus

    It’s identified by Open Secrets as “Conservative” and “Liberal” – conservative groups will donate to Democratic pols to support conservative causes, etc.

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