Farewell Questions

Vivian Krause is calling it a day. In her words it’s time to get a paying job. I’ve never met the woman, but even critics concede she is likeable on a personal level. So I wish her well in that.

I’ve never been concerned with Krause’s funding, though I note the irony that the first apparent act in her post-pundit career is to appear at the Inuvik Petroleum Show. Nor the veracity of her “facts”. And by that I mean the financial numbers that form the basis of her work. Instead I’ve focused on how she’s spun those facts (before it became trendy I might add) – taking the ordinary, ignoring the simplest most rational explanation, and spinning them into the extraordinary and illogical. Nor have I been impressed by the claims that holding her theories up to scrutiny are “personal attacks” or “hatchet jobs”. That’s a real “tell” that someone is uncomfortable with defending their work and is trying to change the channel.

I’m not sure what her personal politics are, but she has been embraced by the hard right and fronts for the petroleum industry (Ed. note: Can you see the difference? I can’t see the difference!) in this country and her work is being used by power to stifle debate and not, as some of her allies spin it, open it. That has always been my concern, and my motive for examining her work. Not being a mind reader I cannot know her true motivations, but if she is sincere I would hope that what has been the real-world result of her “exposés” has given her pause and played a part in her decision to move on.

But I’m a dreamer, that way.

UPDATE: Please read Sandy Garossino’s outstanding piece.

Ms. Krause is tireless in her pursuit and review of mountains of data, and has found very interesting information. But her interpretation is deeply flawed. She is prone to making huge and unsupported conceptual leaps without rigorous critique, ending up with conclusions that just make no sense at all.