Compare, compare & contrast: The Great Green Conspiracy Edition, Pt XII

“When I go through tax returns, I try to find evidence to disprove my theory,” Krause said, adding that after several years of research, she is left wondering “whether American foundations paved [Robertson’s] path to power, in order to control the flow of Canada’s natural resources and trade to Asia, particularly oil.”

-Vivian Krause, Blogger: Tides Canada being reviewed by feds for alleged improper links to Vancouver mayoral campaign

Although the I try to find evidence to disprove my theory strongly suggests someone is starting with their conclusion first and works backwards, there’s, you know, this:

A huge pipeline spill has released 22,000 barrels of oil and water into muskeg in the far northwest of Alberta.

The spill ranks among the largest in North America in recent years, a period that has seen a series of high-profile accidents that have undermined the energy industry’s safety record.

Globe and Mail, May 30th, 2012

Why, oh why, would environmental groups be concerned about pipelines? It’s so unbelievable there must be some other rational explanation, like inserting a Manchurian Candidate for Mayor of Vancouver. A positions which holds no jurisdiction over waterways. [cough]

But, the piéce de resistance…

Do I have a conspiracy for you! Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is acting on directions from American oil companies to block natural resource development in Canada. It must be true: blogger Vivian Krause has seen the tax records!…

…This would be simply pathetic if this line of kooky thinking hadn’t been picked up by our prime minister and his top ministers.

That would be Peter Ladner. Gregor Robertson’s opponent for Mayor in 2008.


[Tides Canada] gets 30% of its funding from international sources. The biggest amount it ever got, $27 million from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, was mostly spent on a joint provincial-federal-First Nations-industry-NGO planning process for the central coast region, now known as the Great Bear Rainforest. Yes, a federal partnership, with the feds themselves matching with $30 million and holding hands with Tides Canada.



    • spartikus

      Curse you…you’ve undermined my snark. It should probably read “I try to find evidence to disprove my theory…but not very hard.”