Adventures in Ethics and National Post headlines

The headline: Newfoundland mother prevented from laying wreath for son at memorial by labour group

Oh my. That’s terrible! But of course there’s more to our Newfoundland mother than meets the eye. She’s a city councillor. Who just laid off city workers. Specifically, firemen. Those that respond to accidents to prevent the deaths the people had gathered that day to mourn.

And, well…

Ms. Boutcher arrived at Saturday’s event with two wreaths in tow. She laid the wreath for her son, reclaimed her spot in the crowd and waited to be called upon a second time to place the other wreath on behalf of city council.

So, you know, she actually laid the wreath for her son. And according to the rest of the article, she wasn’t prevented from laying the city council’s wreath either – the master of ceremonies just didn’t call it out.

Let’s just juxtapose that again for emphasis:

mother prevented from laying wreath for son vs. She laid the wreath for her son

Inches from one another.

Yeah, yeah, it’s the National Joke, what do you expect? This was just a blindingly obvious example of their lack of journalistic ethics.

Hat tip: Jason Lamarche