The Fainting Couch 2: Educational Talking Points

“I hope that Mr. DeGear withdraws that very threatening and intimidating and bullying words that he has uttered,” said Abbott.

That’s B.C. Education Minister George Abbott reacting to words allegedly said by Nanaimo District Teachers Association Derek DeGear.

DeGear reportedly told a Nanaimo newspaper that the B.C. Teachers’ Federation members who continue to volunteer for school activities could face punishments ranging from having to apologize to colleagues to fines to having their BCTF membership suspended.

Shocking. Imagine a private organization sanctioning its members for disobeying its rules. It’s absolutely unheard of!

But what’s interesting are the words bullying, intimidation, and threatening. Words used by a Geoff Sharpe, last year’s B.C. Young Liberal President and current defiant and in your face B.C. Liberal supporter on Twitter.

How much do you want to bet B.C. Liberal MLAs and activists were given talking points/lexicon with the words bully, intimidate and threaten on it and instructions for use when referring to BCTF members?

Classic Rovism: Attempt to inoculate yourself by accusing your opponents of your crimes and weaknesses.

Although Karl Rove usually used more than 3 words.