Notable Linkage: Public v private sector pay: who earns more?


Public sector workers are more skilled, work shorter hours and earn more money than their private sector counterparts, according to a new analysis of the differences in pay out today.

But, if you have a degree, you will get paid better in the private sector – and, for five out of eleven years of data published by the Office for National Statistics, the private sector got better pay increases.

The key facts are:

• In 2011, public sector employees were paid on average between 7.7% and 8.7% more than private sector employees
• The public sector is made up of a higher proportion of higher skilled jobs – widening over the last decade as lower skilled jobs have been outsourced from the public to the private sector.
• The public sector consists of a higher proportion of older employees and earnings tend to increase with age and experience

Public v private sector pay: who earns more?


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