van Dongened!

This was the March 19th seat projection from Forum Research.

And then, you know, John van Dongen crossed the floor to the BC Conservatives today. Ouch. Not only that, but he stuck a shiv into Christy Clark’s most vunerable area: The BC Rail Scandal

At a news conference with B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins, van Dongen said he has hired a lawyer at his own expense to investigate the BC Rail legal fees arrangement, and also Premier Christy Clark’s involvement with the sale in 2002-03. He said Clark made “inconsistent” statements when she ran for the B.C. Liberal leadership about what she knew of the sale and the involvement of lobbyists.

What do you think Forum’s next seat projection will show? I’m thinking BC Cons +9 / BC Libs -9

This, my friends, is the fat lady warming up for the finale of the BC Liberal tragi-comic opera. Mark me, van Dongen won’t be the last.

In fact, there’s a real danger for the BC Conservatives…that too many BC Liberals try to climb aboard and they’ll be saddled with their baggage.