Two must-read articles on #robocon

Number one, which comes via Stephen Gordon:

Simon Fraser University’s Anke Kessler has dug deeper into Elections Canada’s poll-level database, and she has found that in ridings where robocalls have been reported, polling stations that voted predomininantly non-Conservative in the 2008 election saw greater-than-average drops in voter turnout in 2011.

There’s a caveat:

It is important to note that my findings in no way can ‘prove’ whether misconduct or an illegal act has occurred.

That’s right. It’s just a correlation. However, here’s where the second article comes in, Stephen Lauten’s The Robocall Smoking Gun. Lot of insight, but here’s the gist:

The pattern of deception – throw-away cell phones paid for by cash-purchased credit cards, etc. – show the people behind the voter suppression fraud knew what they were doing was highly illegal and went to great efforts to not get caught.