Notable Linkage: Small business group unfairly impugns CRA


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business supports small business. This is admirable. Small business is the engine of our economy.

What I object to is the way it some-times does this. One of its favourite targets is Canada Revenue Agency. CFIB regularly trots out surveys that purport to show that CRA’s level of service and customer satisfaction is declining. It also cites specific examples of how CRA is abusing small-business taxpayers.

CRA is an easy target for three reasons: . Nobody likes paying taxes. People aren’t going to have particularly warm feelings for the agency that collects them.

. There are millions of taxpayers in Canada. With so many people inter-facing with CRA and dealing with highly sensitive money matters, there are bound to be complaints. No doubt some are legitimate.

. CRA doesn’t fight back. CRA employees are under strict instructions not to discuss a taxpayer’s file with anybody, including the media.

So taxpayers and their advocates can make whateve

Small business group unfairly impugns CRA


  1. Norman Farrell

    Spartikus, the unfortunate fact is that CFIB is just one more voice of the 1-percenters. They don’t truly represent small business. Look at the people that are serving and have served on their Board of Directors. Almost without exception: millionaires very much a part of Canada’s rich and powerful.