Falcon’s Jest – The tale of the tape

Just to add to the last post, this chart from the recently released B.C. Stats report is the one that is the most telling, in my opinion:BC & Canada GINI coefficient

You can see that for most of the last 35 years B.C. has scored better than the rest of the country. You can see that, for the most part, B.C. has tracked with the rest of the country. Finally, you can also see a very noticeable spike just after 2001, which the Canadian average did not match, and which B.C. has never recovered from. The B.C. Liberal Party came to power in the spring of 2001.

It’s true that B.C. surpassed Canada in the waning days of the NDP government, as it had briefly at times previously (the one exception being the noticeable bump during Bill Bennett’s term).

If we are to believe Kevin Falcon, a lot of high-paying jobs were created in 2001-02 which, unfortunately, only a lucky few were able to score. Of course, if the chart is to be believed these jobs seem to have started declining in 2003 but, hey, that’s probably just the market readjusting or something.

None of this has anything to do with the massive tax cuts enacted in the B.C. Liberals first term and the data certainly doesn’t indicate previously wealthy people getting much wealthier. Not by working harder, or innovating, but because they paid the taxman less.

And the rest of us? Well…not so much.

Good old Kevin Falcon. And you thought it was Bill Vander Zalm who lived in Fantasy Gardens.