loves to share!

Share servers that is! All a coinky-dink of course.

We found more than 5 other sites on If there are more site on the identical ip address, it could mean that the pages using the same hosting, or that they have common webmaster. It could be used as an indicator of association between these sites.
Site IP Alexa Rank Change 776690 0% – 871944 26% 1M+ 0% – 1M+ 0% – 1M+ 0% –

We found 87 sites with ip addresses near could also indicates that there are association between these web sites. It could be common owner or shared hosting, it could not be said for sure
Site IP Alexa Rank Change 776690 0% – n/a 0% – n/a 0% – 871944 26% n/a 0% – 858352 20% n/a 0% – 986687 0% –

via Stephen Lautens

Update: DeSmogBlog has an in-depth article on this.

Update 2: Deep Climate has another good expose on EthicalOil-Tory connections.

Update 3: Apparently EthicalOil is so thrifty they wouldn’t spring for their own P.O. Box. They just used Tony Clement’s instead.