Mark Carney, Black Bloquiste

“Demonstrations like the Occupy Wall Street protests, which will hit Canadian cities this weekend, are a “democratic expression of views’’ and “entirely constructive,’’ Mr. Carney said.

Heh. Mr. Carney goes on to say they’re on it. Right. Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister though, which means the solution will be tax cuts and public sector layoffs. Still, having the Governor of the Bank of Canada say this, in addition the Conference Board of Canada very publicly warning against growing inequality…means something and shouldn’t be dismissed. There are some in the gilded towers that be are getting a wee bit fidgety about… know…a peasant revolt.

On a different note

The [Occupy] movement has spread to at least 70 U.S. cities and will reach at least 15 Canadian cities this weekend. Still, whether it will turn out to be North America’s Tahrir Square or just an exercise remains to be seen.

Even though the situation in Egypt remains in flux, and could still end in tears, “Tahrir Square” has now climbed in to the lexicon of standing up to power.

Egyptians really did inspire the world.