Things that make you go hmmm…Koch Bros edition

Oh my! It would seem I’ve recently received a visit from someone working for the infamous billionaires, the Koch Brothers – financial backers of a large array of extreme right-wing causes and astroturf. Why, they were in the news just yesterday, for very naughty things.

So what, you say. They have a right to use the internet and if they stumble in here, well, it’s not statistically impossible.

However, my stats tell me they came, not via Google or Yahoo or Bing, but via What’s that? Why it’s a media and social media monitoring service. If your company is mentioned in the press or on the internet, Cisionpoint will help you find it and assess it. Which is probably a good business practice these days.

However however, the story they came to, directly, isn’t about the Koch Brothers. The Kochs aren’t mentioned at all.

It’s about the Fraser Institute.

Why is somebody at Koch Industries monitoring media and social media mentions of The Fraser Institute?

Hmmm? (asked rhetorically)