The chickens strike back!

A week ago Sean Holman at his Public Eye Online posted a “leak” outlining the Non Partisan Association’s social media strategy. Much of the subsequent discussion on this was about the use of “proxies”. Somewhat interesting, not really revelatory – proxies and rent-a-crowds have been staples of politics since, literally, ancient times. However, my takeaway was the NPA was attempting a pivot and trying to run a more positive campaign. NPA’er Scott Harrison:

“A lot of the dialogue (online) is really personal and vicious and I hate to see people do that because I think, in the spirit of Jack Layton, we need to elevate everybody’s talking online and I’m trying to encourage people to stop doing it. If individuals want to do it as people that’s one thing. But having politicians responding to mud – I don’t think it helps anybody at the end of the day and I think it lowers people’s interest in politics.”

While maybe too little, too late I thought it made a bit of sense. According to polls Vision Vancouver is losing support…but it’s going to the left-wing Coalition of Progressive Electors while the NPA’s support remained static. And, as Jack Layton knew, women, left-wing and centrist voters are really turned off by negative campaigning and clearly attacking chicken coops and labelling youth programs goofy wasn’t working. Hence, pivoting towards more positivity. Or something. What do I know?

Now chickens are back.

I’m confused.