The deeply serious Rob Ford

The Mayor of Canada’s largest city, Rob Ford, is seeking to “trim the fat” off the City of Toronto’s civil service. He knows he can maintain current service levels without [modestly] raising taxes – even though an external audit by KPMG suggests draconian cuts would be necessary. However Mayor Ford, being an observant and intelligent man, knows otherwise. He knows it’s bloated. He knows because he visits the cafeteria at Toronto’s City Hall:

“I go down there this morning,” he said. “And I see like 20 bureaucrats at 10 o’clock [editor’s note: 10 o’clock is the typical time for morning coffee break in large organizations]. I don’t know if they’re having a party for somebody. And I’m thinking like what’s going on here. They didn’t see me. But I’m going to look into this. If they’re having a breakfast party or whatever it is, that sort of culture, they should be at work at 10 o’clock in the morning…I might have to make an example of a few people.”

And that means breaking a campaign pledge and layoffs! Of course, it’s almost 99.9% certain that the people who will get laid off will not be the same ones Mayor Ford observed in the cafeteria enjoying their coffee break (and my, isn’t it nice they’re spending their coffee money in-house). But if that’s what it takes to stop the gravy train…