The tweets of Keith Baldrey: Double standards

Nycole Turmel:  Long-time NDP activist. Woman. Interim opposition leader. Joined Bloc Quebecois briefly to support personal friend’s campaign. Publically repudiates sovereignist views:

“I want to work for more justice in Canada, a stronger Canada,” Ms. Turmel said.

Maxime Bernier: Tory. Man. Swore oath to independent Quebec when aide to Bernard Landry. In Landry’s words:

“To work in my office you had to be independandiste, which he said he was,” Mr. Landry told The Canadian Press in an interview. “I believed him and I still believe him.”’

In his own words:

“At the start of my career, as a young lawyer, I flirted with the Parti Québécois,” Mr. Bernier told The Canadian Press. “I’ve never hid the fact.”

BC local journo big-wig Keith Baldrey responds:

Okay. Except Maxime Bernier is a cabinet minister. Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism to be precise.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Guess who is getting roasted over the coals in the Anglo media…and who didn’t.



  1. Norman Farrell

    Double standards? First you would have to have standards to double them.

    It is just Baldrey’s typical no standards.

  2. spartikus

    True enough, Norm.

    Baldrey was simply the one being interacted with on Twitter. You could substitute his name with Coyne, Spector, etc. It was the same faux-outrage.

    UPDATE: Transport Minister Denis Lebel also former BQ card carrier. At least Norman Spector is saying something.