Terrorism is only conducted by brown people


Here’s my old friend Joshua Trevino, who once went under the pseudonym “Tacitus” and whose alleged pan-partisan blog I first started my participation in the wild and woolley world of political internet discussion.

You can see that he is unapologetic for earlier speculation the Norway attacks were conducted by Islamic groups. After all, Islamists carry out the majority of terrorist attacks, so it’s only logical they be suspected when something heinous occurs. In support, he cites…


That’s Jeffrey Goldberg of the The Atlantic. He states…

The Norway catastrophe does not negate the fact that the majority of large-scale terrorism spectaculars by non-state actors over the past decade have been committed by Muslims.

Alas, as I find time and time again, facts are inconvenient things for the right-wing. Europol reports the majority of attacks [in Europe] are conducted by, well, indigenous separatist/nationalist groups.