links for 2011-07-21

  • The era of tax cuts ushered in by federal and provincial governments in recent years have made Canada's tax system so regressive that the country's richest now pay the lowest rates of all income groups, says a report to be released Thursday.

    The report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, an advocacy research group that has pressed in the past for more social spending and bigger taxes on corporations and higher-income Canadians, looked at what percentage of income Canadians pay in taxes to all levels of government….

    …Those very rich Canadians paid 30.5 per cent of their income in federal, provincial and municipal taxes in 2005, as opposed to the 30.7 per cent for those with incomes under $13,523, the lowest 10 per cent of family earnings…

    …"There's something in the overall tax system now that most people would find offensive. The idea that someone who is in the upper middle class is paying a higher tax rate than someone much wealthier is not fair."