Klassen the [Character] Assassin

I’m so old I remember when Mike thought it was a “hatchet job” to point out a) he was Colin “HST” Hansen’s campaign manager, and b) was the recipient of a no-bid contract [correction: received payments without a written contract] for Mayor Sam Sullivan’s web communications. Indeed, he felt very passionately about the perceived injustice.

And yet here he is, mere weeks after repeating the hatchet job claim in Business In Vancouver, attacking – not the Mayor…not another of his fellow candidates – but some poor mid-level schmuck.


I mean I can understand why Mike might be unhappy with Ian Reid – not that Ian Reid said anything inaccurate – but what’s his beef with Kurt Heinrich? Is his thirst for power so great (or his polling numbers so low) that he’ll try to destroy the career of anyone? What’s Kurt’s great crime, anyway? Well there’s this:

“I didn’t do a lot of media [for Vision Vancouver] —here and there we’d do some releases, but the majority of it was web communications, so I’d update the website and I did writing and support for the board.”

Outrageous! The man obviously travelled back in time and was trained in Stalin’s Kremlin! No, no…don’t laugh, Ken Denike knows what going on. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

He has continuously displayed his partisanship over his @kurtgheinrich Twitter account, attacking NPA elected officials as recently as a few weeks ago.

Shocking. Let’s check this out…


Oh, well, that’s not so bad. But there is this one:


Oh. Hmmm. Wait! Here we go!

Ah-hah! You invoked The Mike by name! Shame on you!

And…according to City Caucus…

…he was “given” the job. Not “earned”, but “given”. Obstensibly for “services rendered”. But from the Courier…

Cardwell later told the Courier the VSB had 20 applicants for the job, plus a number beyond that who were deemed by human resources as not qualified based on the posting.

The human resource/senior management team does the hiring for all board office management jobs.

“Trustees are informed and the board could have a say in any management hire. In this case, as with other [similar] hires, the board was informed of the hire,” Cardwell said in an email. “The process was a completely open competition from start to finish

Well maybe that’s not true. Strange shit happens. And in that regard, City Caucus and Candidate Klassen offer up strong, irrefutable evidence to the contrary of….[crickets chirp]

And in the face of that…well…gee…as far as I can see Kurt Heinrich exercised his constitutional right to participate in the political process. And then later had the gall to win a job competition between 20 candidates. But that’s beyond the pale for this crowd. Me, oh, my…donate a measly $200 to the communists…well…you get your own expose.

Hope? A positive future? Actual policies? Fuhgitaboutit. Bullying. Intimidation. That’s the currency they trade in. That’s all they got. The message is clear: occupied the same room as Gregor Robertson once upon the time and they will come after you. (After this I’m pretty sure they’ll come after me…but I don’t care anymore…I’m sick of it)

It’s funny because they rail against the “politicization of City Hall”…and yet they’re the only one’s who actually advocate purges and political tests:

The next government’s job will require a merciless house cleaning of anyone with direct ties to Vision Vancouver. If you’ve handed over a donation to Vision, like for example Lesli Boldt in the city’s Olympic communications, or worked on a Vision campaign like the new Director of Communications Ryan Merkley (who by the way was late for work on his first day according to this photo), then don’t count on being kept on.

Did they do a good job? Irrelevant! They’re the “enemy”!

Our future. Or not.

What do Sean Bickerton and Bill McCreery think? Individuals whom I continue to have a modicum of respect for. I would like to think they’re holding their noses. But I’m probably…sadly…wrong.

Update: Share. Tweet. I’m not the best writer or the most informed about civic affairs, but it’s time to stand up for civility.