Kai Nagata – They say timing is everything…

Been following a Twitter discussion today between some veteran journalists and a friend over the significance, or lack thereof, of Kai Nagata’s “Manifesto”. The jist: That there are problems with big media is not particularly revelatory. And jeez, if only Kai hadn’t been so high on himself it might have been easier to swallow.

Okay, sure. It’s true – there’s been problems with journalism since…the beginning of journalism. If you want to have some fun, read some newspapers from the 19th Century. And I can’t objectively say whether things are worse now than “in the good old days”. I’m not old, but I’m not young either.

Subjectively though…

Kai’s missive was written just as revelations of the full extent of the skulduggery committed by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corps was breaking. It came after a couple of decades of “Foxnews” and the introduction of “Sun News” here. It came after the willing complicity of the New York Times’ Judith Miller and others to lead a country in to a war over weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. And so on.

Just today, Glenn Greenwald reveals how Wired Magazine – a so-called “new media” publication – covered up the unethical behaviour of one of it’s reporters.

In British Columbia, our big press seems curiously disinterested in investigating Railgate – despite the mounds of evidence of wrongdoing.

Media holdings in this country are in the hands of a few large corporations, which has reduced competition amongst other things.

Scandals happened in the past, yes. Maybe this is how it’s always been…

…but we need more Terry Milewski and less Krista Erickson. Both are abrasive. One is a journalist.