Vancouver’s bright future…in mining and forestry

Mining and forestry are certainly big *B.C.* industries, and Vancouver benefits indirectly from them. But they are not Vancouver industries. People don’t wake up in the morning in the City of Vancouver and drive to work on a clearcut or an open air mine. Not for, oh,100 years.

Mining and forestry are notoriously not green industries.

What is going on? Is Suzanne Anton going to log Stanley Park? (that’s a joke Daniel)

It makes no sense.

Update: Candidate Klassen:

“Don’t you think he should be focusing on job creation in the resources sector, in the film industry and in high-tech?

One, I’m not sure how being green and supporting the film industry and high-tech are mutually exclusive (and just how is Klassen propose to “support” them – yet more breaks for Hollywood millionaires?). But…resources sector? Er, for the City of Vancouver? Maybe they are going to clearcut Stanley Park. I hear there’s gold under Queen Elizabeth Park too.