links for 2011-06-30

  • DOT has been installing on-street bike paths, protected from vehicular traffic by parked cars in locations where the width of the roadway, combined with high volumes of bicycle traffic and either high volumes of motor vehicle traffic or high speeds make cycling in traffic unsafe or undesirable.

    Before the bike path was installed, radar-gun studies showed that more than three out of every four motorists exceeded the 30 mph speed limit. The project has removed one of three travel lanes and added a two-way protected bicycle path along the park.

    The Prospect Park West project has calmed traffic. Data collected in July 2010 indicate that speeding has been dramatically reduced, now fewer than one of every seven vehicles exceed the speed limit.

    The path has rapidly become one of the most popular cycling facilities in Brooklyn with more than 1,000 cyclists using the path on a typical weekday, more than triple the number that cycled here before the project was completed.