Our enlightened intellectual discourse: Are we still talking about crustaceans?

In a post about the NPA’s electoral chances in the upcoming civic election, Fraser Institute alum Kathryn Marshall writes:

It’s up to the NPA to drive the agenda and make this election about ideas and better policy.

This is, of course, why the NPA and their boosters are still talking about Vision Vancouver councilor Heather Deal enjoying a lobster dinner that was served to her by her hosts in Halifax, heartland of lobsterdom. Unknown at this time is whether Marshall consulted the dead for this blog post. Alex Tsakumis1 weighs in with his usual schtick – first describing how highly he thinks of the person under discussion before telling us how they are history’s greatest monstertm

But Heather’s idiotic, let me repeat, ENTIRELY IDIOTIC comments while away in Halifax this last weekend at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities were beyond the pale.

For there is no greater crime than accepting a meal at a conference and then publicly acknowledging how much they enjoyed said meal and their host’s gracious hospitality. But wait, this story is national! Global TV’s Marisa Thomas’s report went on air across the nation, therefore it is important, because she is a professional journalist. Journalism you see remains an important craft even in the Age of the Citizen Blogger, for journalists with their fancy journalism degrees serve as the gatekeepers of our national conversation filtering the important topics, like a politician’s meal, out from the white noise, like homelessness. I don’t know if Marisa Thomas ran this story in retaliation for allegedly being put on a media blacklist, or whether she was allegedly put on a media blacklist for running stories like these – a sort of chicken and egg kind of zen koan. Nevertheless ipso facto.

Not that Vision Vancouver would ever listen to a schmuck like me, but one could imagine an imaginary discussion where you could point out how awkward this subject could end up being for those that raised it. You know, in a jujitsu kind of way. The Twitter being filled with a certain NPA candidate’s tweets on the qualities of expensive wines. I had never thought those particularly noteworthy or containing some deeper meaning beyond what they appeared to be on the surface – an individual acknowledging enjoyment of one of life’s simple pleasures – but now I know the truth. I could point out the many comments – left on both his blog and elsewhere – by a wealthy businessman turned citizen-blogger of the cigars he’s enjoyed made in Communist sweatshops, or how fine wine is wasted on an untutored palate.

It might make them seem…extremely hypocritical. Perhaps, dare I say, petty.

Alas, it is apparently “awkward” and something to “regret”.

1. No links to Alex’s. You can find it yourself…