Quote of the day: The F-35 runs on money!

F-35B cutaway with LiftFan

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Once again calling in to question the statements made by Canadian politicians and defence officials…

The cost of building the F-35 fighter jet, set to replace a large part of the US warplane fleet, is “unaffordable” in its current version and must be reviewed, the Pentagon’s top acquisition official said Thursday.

“Over the lifetime of this program, the decade or so, the per-aircraft cost of the 2,443 aircraft we want has doubled in real terms,” said Ashton Carter, the under secretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics.

I support Canada fielding a 1st-rate military. I would prefer it to return to it’s historical role of peacekeeping and even, heh, for Canada to adopt a Swedish form of neutrality, but we must keep our forces well equipped and well trained. And while I don’t think it’s fits with our defence needs, the F-35 will be a very capable aircraft, able to blow things up like things have never been blown up before. But it’s always been the process, or lack thereof, that’s in question here. It’s the lies about costs. It’s the lobbyists masquerading as experts in the media. It’s a sham.

The F-35 may be a smokin’ sports car, but those cost a lot of money. And run on it.