links for 2011-05-06

  • Everything you need to know about why the right-wing is going after unions can be learned by simply viewing two of the slides from this study by the Center for Responsive Politics…It’s not about saving money. It’s not about giving those who govern more control over feisty unions. It’s not about free markets or any of that other bullshit. It’s about destroying the opposition, drying up liberal funding, so that they can give more tax cuts to the Koch brothers.

    They want all the money. Period.

  • A good number of Americans are hopelessly confused about taxes, deficits and the debt. And it's no mystery why – conservatives have spent 30 years divorcing the taxes we pay from the services they finance. They've bent themselves into intellectual pretzels arguing that cutting taxes – on the wealthy – leads to more revenues in the coffers. They've invented narratives about taxes driving “producers” to sunnier climes, killing jobs by the bushel, and relentlessly spun the wholly false notion that we're facing “runaway spending” and are “taxed to death.”