links for 2011-05-04

  • But this points to a second piece to the puzzle, and that is the fact that the Liberal Party of Canada is a complete disaster, and has been for some time. It was mid-way through Jean Chretien’s second term that people started to point out that the party had no real identity, no sense of purpose other than power for its own sake. And so Michael Ignatieff’s failure to tell a plausible story about his own candidacy for prime minister was the precise mirror of the party’s own existential conundrum: The Liberal Party of Canada has no idea why it exists, so it is hardly surprising that they settled on a leader who didn’t seem to have any idea why he was here.
  • Independent report on the HST/PST debate in British Columbia: "The choice you face on the HST and PST/GST is a big one. It comes down to balancing the savings you and your family will get by going back to the PST against the longer-term economic benefits…"
    that staying with the HST will bring British
    Columbians in the years ahead.