Dear Bob Mackin and friends

Dear Bob,

Vivian Krause in the link above writes:

My over-arching question, Mayor Robertson, is whether have you cheated by accepting a large amount of political campaign finance that originated from Tides Canada, a foreign-funded, registered charity, and its counter-part, the Endswell Foundation. If you have partially funded your political career on the back of these charitable foundations then my second question is about why these charities have funded you.  To put it bluntly, what’s in it for them – and their funders?

So, yeah, how about that, Bob? Where’s the payoff? To repeat: The “quo” in the “quid pro quo”.

Krause, in the above letter, mentions 2 contentious subjects: The Great Bear Rainforst and the Oil Tanker Ban.

What can a Mayor of Vancouver do about either of these? Seriously? The Vancouver Charter doesn’t mention anything about having jurisdiction over sea lanes or coastal areas outside City boundaries.

I have no idea why the Linnaea Farm Society was brought up (other than the opportunity to throw more sand in the public’s eye numbers around).

And what does “cheating” mean anyway? Cheating means breaking the rules. Which rules? Have laws been broken? Seems like a weasel word meant to imply wrong-doing without saying “law-breaking”.

Yes, I’ve looked in to it.

In fact, the worst thing Vivian is willing to put pen to paper is…

Tides Canada and Tides USA, Joel Solomon in particular, has supported your political career in order to have you as a spokesperson for a broad, long-term initiative to landlock Alberta oil within North America under the guise of the Great Bear Rainforest Initiative and a legislated, federal ban on oil tanker traffic on the north coast of B.C.

Ooo…a spokesman! Scary! Along those lines, the only place can find Gregor Robertson and the Great Bear Rainforest mentioned in the same breath is…yes…you guessed it. Some spokesman.

Krause is also, once again, neglecting to mention opposition from these groups to the direct to the USA Trans-Canada XXL pipeline.

Gary Mason, Jeff Lee, Charlie Smith, and the National Post1 apparently all think Vivian Krause is da bomb.

I must be stupid because I’m just not seeing it and never have. Why all the blood, sweat and pixels on this as opposed to…donations that might actually help get you a policy you want.

[1] Yeah, not actually surprised about this one.