links for 2011-04-18

  • The right-wing drive to strip public sector unions of contracts, pensions and rights won over years of service and collective bargaining — it's not just a Wisconsin story anymore…here in Canada, both the right and the union movement are alert to the potential for a spillover effect.

    "We Need Scott Walker Here" was the headline topping an article by Fraser Institute economists Milagros Palacios and Niels Veldhuis published in the Financial Post three weeks before the current election got underway. At a moment when poll numbers indicated Harper's Conservatives were verging into majority territory, Palacios and Velduis wrote "our politicians should take a page from Governor Walker's playbook and roll back the wage premium. Canadian governments should also restrict collective bargaining in the public sector by banning the right to strike for public sector employees and having their wages and benefits linked to private sector counterparts."