Good faith Premier Clark

BC Supreme Court Judge Sandra Griffin:

“The government consulted fully with the employers before passing the legislation, over at least a seven or eight month period,” wrote the judge. “Internal government documents indicate that at least some government officials expected that the teachers’ union would be very opposed to the legislation. The government has not offered any explanation as to why it could not also have consulted with the B.C. Teachers’ Federation about the intended legislation.”

The failure to do so was fatal to the legislation: “By passing this legislation without so much as consulting with BCTF, the government did not preserve the essential underpinning of collective bargaining, namely, good faith negotiation and consultation.

Ouch. But then, who cares? Respect for the rule of law having never been a strong suit with this bunch and the judgment of the Supreme Court of this province won’t raise eyebrows in BC Liberal HQ. Despite the thoughtful discussion about what this means for education here, personally I view that as almost beside the point. They’re at war, see, and they’re going for the jugular. It’s not about education. It’s not about the economics of education. It’s pure power play…unions are amongst the last effective checks on corporate power, and thus they must be destroyed. And the BCTF is one of the most effective unions.

Premier Clark – being viewed as a mushy Liberal by some – will need to demonstrate her bonafides methinks with a full frontal assault. Wisconsin, here we come…