“That’s invented. There’s so much cuckoo around this…”

That’s Queen’s University Parliamentary expert Ned Franks on this statement by Stephen Harper:

“You said in your statement that the party that wins the most seats would get to try first. Then you think you’d all get together, vote against it and replace the government. That’s not how our system is supposed to work in this country.”

No Stephen, that’s not how it works. The government needs the confidence of the House of Commons, which when you have a majority is a given. However Le Roi here wants us to believe a minority government should automatically be granted the confidence of the House as if it were a majority. As long as that government is Conservative. If it isn’t, all bets are off.

Alas, in the debates last night Harper left some flanks exposed that the other leaders failed to launch torpedoes at. Especially this lack of understanding of and/or contempt for our democratic processes – which has always been a vulnerability for him in terms of public perception.

Oh well…