The Somali Temptation

Lets add just one…more…objective. British PM Cameron succumbs to “mission creep-itis,” adding “Kill Qaddafi” to “protecting civilians” on only the 2nd  day of Operation Odyssey Dawn:

A breach within Britain’s political and military leadership has opened up as David Cameron argued the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, may be a legitimate target while the Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir David Richards, said he was “absolutely not”.

Political and military leadership not being on the same page is also a sign of a thought out operation. Meanwhile, the United States – hoping to keep a low profile on this one – wants to hand off the lead soon. Only problem…

None of the countries in the international coalition can yet agree on to whom or how the United States should hand off responsibilities.

NATO ally Turkey is mad. Italy is uncomfortable. Arab allies are backing out of commitments.

It’s all going swimmingly.