The government of contempt

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For a time now I’ve been contemplating writing a post simply listing all the autocratic and ethical lapses of the Harper Government™ – prorogation, the long-form census, the muzzling of scientists, the JSF, etc – but each day seemingly brings a new one. It’s all a bit dizzying sometimes. Until then, let me just recommend this Globe editorial instead:

Contempt in its ordinary meaning is not terribly far off the legal one, and it is that ordinary meaning – lack of respect, intense dislike, scorn – that offers a useful guide to understanding Wednesday’s ruling by Speaker Peter Milliken. The government has scorned Parliament, and shown a lack of respect to the people entrusted by Canadians to represent their interests…But it is the idea that the government would ask Canadians and their elected representatives to go blindly into the future that is disturbing.