Always make sure your facts are straight before making factual claims

Mike is talking about the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline here. The claim simply isn’t true. 30 seconds of Googling revealed:

In downtown Chicago, IL, protestors with Rainforest Action Network demonstrated outside of a conference of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, which TransCanada –- owner of the Keystone XL pipeline — is a member.

The Packard Foundation – prominently featured in the latest of Krause’s missives Mike actively promotes – donated $750,000 to the Rainforest Action Network. The protest in question was against the Keystone Pipeline, which is planned to run from the Alberta Tar Sands directly to refineries on the Gulf Coast (a fact which also completely undermines the conspiracy theory that U.S. philanthropic donations to the Canadian environmental movement are designed to benefit the United States).

Exhibit B: Dirty Oil Sands“is brought to you by an international network of citizen and indigenous groups that oppose the expansion of the Canadian tar sands and advocate for its cleanup”. Hmm..I see the Dogwood Initiative listed there. How can they be opposed to the Keystone Pipeline too if they are in the thrall of the United States?

Occam’s Razor suggests that environmental groups and their philanthropic backers are opposing these pipelines…on environmental grounds.

As a commenter on City Caucus pointed out, I only have 38 Twitter followers (and this blog only averages 20-30 visitors/day) so why should anyone waste their time with me[1]. That’s their prerogative. But if it only took me 2 minutes to debunk this, it will only take someone else 2 minutes. And that someone might have 3800 followers.

[1] Betraying the common right-wing view that it doesn’t matter how right your facts are it’s how much money or influence you have that counts.


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