Shutting down the internet in the despot’s toolkit

International internet traffic to and from Libya was shut down on Saturday morning from about 1 to 8 a.m. and again on Sunday during the same timeframe, according to Renesys’ analysis, which was posted on the company’s blog and is based on traffic data the company collects from internet service providers around the world.

It’s almost as if the country had instituted a “overnight internet curfew,” Cowie said, adding it’s possible that Gadhafi’s government wanted to crack down on cyber dissidents who are known to organize online while other people sleep.

Libya faces internet blackouts amid protests

A left-leaning website that union supporters used to rally protesters in Wisconsin was partially blocked as demonstrators gathered in the state Capitol over a controversial budget bill.

The website,, could not be accessed on Monday and into Tuesday morning in the Capitol building, where crowds assembled over proposed legislation that would increase the costs of benefits to public employees and curb their collective-bargaining rights.

Pro-union website blocked in Wisconsin Capitol