links for 2011-02-16

  • The General Recognition of the right to strike

    The CFA has pointed out that Convention No. 87 recognizes the right of trade unions, as organizations of workers set up to further and defend their occupational interests (Article 10), to formulate their programmes and organize their activities (Article 3); this means that unions have the right to negotiate with employers and to express their views on economic and social issues affecting the occupational interests of their members. This constitutes the basis for the Committee´ s position that the right to strike is one of the legitimate and indeed essential means available to workers for furthering and defending their occupational interests. Nevertheless it is regarded as such only in so far as it is utilized as a means of defending and promoting those interests. Purely political direct action and strikes decided systematically long before negotiations take place do not fall within the scope of the protection.

  • "The Committee on Freedom of Association and the Committee of Experts both agree that when public servants are not granted the right to strike, they should enjoy sufficient guarantees to protect their interests, including appropriate, impartial and prompt conciliation and arbitration procedures to ensure that all parties may participate at all stages and in which arbitration decisions are binding on both parties and are fully and promptly applied."