links for 2011-02-08

  • Polarization in the House is now at a new all-time high, with the 111th Congress surpassing its previous record set in the 110th Congress. The Senate also became more polarized in the 111th Congress, continuing to trend towards its record high level set in the late 19th century. The pattern of polarization over time is essentially the same in both chambers despite the institutional differences. The basic political-economic forces that are driving the level of polarization over time act on both chambers equally.
  • The $16-billion plan has no precedent or parallel on the continent, adds Bur. In fact no other jurisdiction has proposed to build eight times its existing transmission infrastructure at taxpayers' expense with no public needs assessment, explains Bur. Nor has any other jurisdiction then proposed to give away the infrastructure to two private transmission companies (Atco and AltaLink) along with a promised rate of return of nine per cent. And mostly to enhance power exports to the United States.

    "In France the government is afraid of the people. But in Alberta the people are afraid of the government. The province's one party state has successfully intimidated people and that's wrong."