The Delusion of David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron, joining German Chancellor Angela Merkel who made similar comments earlier in the year, has come out against the UK’s multiculturalism policies. He cites “home-grown” Muslim terrorism as the reason for what he believes is it’s failure. He doesn’t mention any sort of numbers – what percentage of the British Muslim population is engaged in terrorism. He doesn’t because if he did the ridiculously low number would undermine his assertion. He doesn’t mention what part multiculturalism played in other home-grown terrorist movements.

But most damning of all is he doesn’t mention the role British policies have had in alienating British Muslims and Muslims all around the world. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as British support for repressive, autocratic regimes in the Middle East. I guess the lesson of Egypt is lost on him.

If only Britons of the Muslim persuasion could be transformed into proper Englishmen, it would all go away – just as Irish-Americans, having gone through the experience of America’s melting pot, gave no thought and/or money and volunteers to old country causes for generation after generation.

He’s deluding himself if he thinks British policy is not a major part of the problem. It’s politics, not religion and not culture, that is the root of terrorism. As most terrorists in custody cite.