Hyperbole run amok

Mike Klassen is a political animal who blogs on City Caucus in support of the civic NPA – and that’s just fine. With only one opposition councillor in Vancouver to hold the government accountable, the slack needs to be taken up elsewhere. He has propensity to let his rhetoric run away from him. Usually that’s fine too, but this…

…crosses the line of taste. Mohammed Bouazizi was a young man down on his luck who went in to $200 debt to set up a fruit cart in Tunis. The cart was seized by authorities – ostensibly because he did not have a permit. Naturally he did not have money to bribe them (as they were expecting), and Bouazizi was beaten and publicly humiliated. In protest, he set himself on fire. Very tragic. Comparing that with having to apply “minimum recognized nutritional standards as defined by provincial health professionals” for the latest round of food carts in Vancouver – even obliquely – is letting your rhetoric run away…and run over you. Political hyperbole run amok.